Linear Power 2015

Dr Rob Morgan, University of Brighton

Dr Morgan is a Reader in the Centre for Automotive Engineering at the University of Brighton.

He joined Brighton after eighteen years in industry, first with Ricardo, then Ceres Power, and finally as Chief Technical Officer at Highview Power Storage. He graduated from Imperial College London in 1994 and then joined the thermal systems group at Ricardo where he worked on a range of projects including the development of cooling systems for new engines and the research of novel thermodynamic cycles for road transportation and power generation. He was Chief Engineer on the Isoengine project, a highly innovative concept with separate compression and combustion cylinders. He then went on to manage the CHP business at Ceres Power before moving to Highview in 2008, where he led the engineering of the companies liquid air energy storage pilot plant. He joined the University of Brighton in 2011. Dr Morgan’s current research interests focus on advanced concepts for low emissions power generation for on road and stationary applications, and bulk energy storage. He is retained as part time Chief Technical Officer by Highview.