Linear Power 2015


The world’s first technology forum for linear power systems technology researchers and application developers

University of Brighton

Based in the world-leading Sir Harry Ricardo Laboratories (SHRL)
at the University of Brighton, the Centre for Automotive Engineering
(CAE) has, over 20 years, built an international reputation for
producing innovative, future-facing research. We investigate and
optimise complex engine combustion processes and develop
laser-based measurement techniques, fundamental modelling and
computational simulation. Our focus is on applied research and
development for the solution of industrial and commercial problems.
Our pioneering work on efficient and novel low carbon internal
combustion systems has a direct environmental impact through
creating greater fuel efficiency and developing ways in which to
reduce CO 2 and other harmful emissions.

Libertine Linear Power Systems

Libertine makes efficient, low cost linear power systems that will
transform small scale power generation, heating, cooling and
transport. Libertine licenses its intellectual property to industrial
OEMs and other application developers who can develop products
that make use of Libertine’s technology and bring these product to
market. The first industrial applications for Libertine’s gas expander
are in landfill gas and biogas heat-to-power systems in the UK, EU
and North America. In addition, Libertine supplies linear power
system developer kits to selected corporate and academic research
partners for realisation of advanced combustion methods and
application development.


Nidec Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of
electric motors and drive solutions. Founded in 1973, Nidec are an
$8.5B* organization with a staff of 100,000 people and a product
range extending from small precision motors to supersized motors
of all kinds in a wide range of fields including: home appliances,
automobiles, office equipment, industrial equipment, and
environmental energy systems.
Nidec SR Drives are a UK division of Nidec Corporation and are a
leading engineering and technology provider in the field of advanced
electrical machines and drive systems. The company has pioneered
the development, application and commercialisation of Switched
Reluctance technology and offers a variety of routes to market for
machines & controls both from their UK manufacturing operation and
from Nidec’s overseas facilities.